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The NAPLA Nomination Committee 2017-2018 is honored to present the following slate of Executive Board and At-Large Board positions.

NAPLA Nominations Committee: Recommended Executive Board – 2018

  • President: Thomas Rozinski (Touro College)
  • 1st Vice President: Nancy Gibson (Bowdoin College)
  • 2nd Vice President: Rita Ralston (Boston University)
  • Treasurer: Dianne McDonald (Bucknell University)
  • Secretary: Lauren Dropkin (Brandeis University)

Slate of Self Nominations for At-Large Board Positions – 2018

  • Pamela Brown (Brooklyn College, CUNY)
  • Tina Coco (Baruch College, CUNY)
  • Greg Foster (Cornell University)
  • Heather Frederick (Slippery Rock University)
  • Steven Lichtman (Shippensburg University)
  • Hillary Mantis (Fordham University)- Incumbent
  • Anthony McGee (Bates College)
  • Ray Williams (Rutgers University)
  • Michelle Yingling (University of Pittsburgh)- Incumbent
  • Sarah Rethage (Northeastern University School of Law)- Associate Member

BIOS of Recommended NAPLA Executive Board Members

President: Thomas Rozinski (Touro College)

Tom Rozinski currently serves as 2nd Vice President. He is Associate Professor of Political Science at Touro College, where he has taught for ten years, as well as prelaw advisor. His recent projects include trying to increase collaboration between legal writing professors and undergraduate teachers of constitutional law, and attempting to make the LSAT schedule more student-friendly. As a NAPLA board member he redesigned the process for the selection of future conference sites using a model that should reduce costs for NAPLA attendees..

1st Vice President: Nancy Gibson (Bowdoin College)

Nancy currently serves as NAPLA’s 2nd Vice President and previously was NAPLA’s Secretary. She is a Pre-Law Advisor and Associate Director of Bowdoin College’s Career Center. Previously she was a Pre-Law Advisor at Bates College and taught in Legal Clinics at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law and the University of Maine School of Law and designed and directed the Externship program there. Nancy has a JD from Northwestern Law and practiced in a large Boston law firm and consulted with attorneys and legal organizations on career and professional development issues. She is the Co-Chair of NAPLA’s 2019 Conference in Boston.

2nd Vice President: Rita Ralston (Boston University)

Rita Ralston currently serves as an At-Large Member of the NAPLA Board. She has been a pre-law advisor at Boston University for the past fifteen years. She advises hundreds of students each year on the path to law school, supports several pre-law student organizations, and serves as an instructor for the First Year Experience Program. As a member of NAPLA, Rita co-founded and has co-chaired the Boston Connect pre-law advisor professional development program (2013-present). She has been a regular participant and presenter at NAPLA conferences. Rita is a Co-Chair of NAPLA’s 2019 Conference in Boston.

Dianne McDonaldTreasurer: Dianne McDonald (Bucknell University)

Dianne McDonald has a background in both law and education and has served as the pre-law advisor at Bucknell University as well as a lecturer at Bucknell’s School of Management since 2010. She served as a conference co-chair for the NAPLA conference in Baltimore in 2014 and as an at-large member of the NAPLA board of directors. She is currently treasurer of NAPLA.

Lauren DropkinSecretary: Lauren Dropkin (Brandeis University)

Prior to joining the Hiatt Career Center at Brandeis University, Lauren practiced family law for 13 years in Chicago. While in Chicago, she taught legal research and writing for a semester at DePaul University, College of Law. At Brandeis, she advises students on all aspects of their pre-law experience, including choosing a path, taking classes, networking, finding and applying to jobs and internships related to their anticipated legal careers, as well as preparing for the LSAT and applying to law school.

BIOS of Recommended NAPLA At-Large Board Members

Pamela Brown (Brooklyn College, CUNY)
Number of Years in NAPLA: 9
Since 2008, as the Prelaw Advisor, I have helped ambitious students make informed decisions about pursuing a career in legal professions; and assisted them in the law school application process; advised students on how to apply for internship opportunities;  which provided students with the opportunities to gain hands-on experiences that build relevant skills and develop a professional persona;  the # of students who utilized Pre-Law services from 2008-present: Over 600 students.

Tina Coco (Baruch College, CUNY) 
Number of Years in NAPLA: 6
Tina Coco joined the staff of the Starr Career Development Center at Baruch College in November 2011. She is a cum laude graduate of St. John's University and St. John's School of Law. After working for several years as a Staff Attorney for both the NYC Bar and CT Corporation System, she earned a certificate in Adult Career Planning & Development from New York University. Tina served as the Assistant Director of the Career Development Office at Pace University School of Law for over 6 years. She counsels students interested in attending law school and manages Baruch's Max Berger Pre-Law Program.

Greg Foster (Cornell University)
Number of Years in NAPLA: 3 months
Serve as Career Development Manager, Law School and Graduate School for Cornell University (2017 to present). Founded, and served as Managing Member and General Counsel for, FC Tucson Events. Produced Major League Soccer Preseason in Tucson. Owned and operated a franchise in the United Soccer Leagues' Premier Development League. FC Tucson was acquired by Phoenix Rising (2010 - 2017). Shareholder in Karp & Weiss, an AV rated law firm. Practice areas included medical malpractice, personal injury and criminal defense.  (1997 - 2013). Deputy Pima County Public Defender.  Represented individuals accused of crimes ranging from DUI to homicide (1993 - 1996).

Heather Frederick (Slippery Rock University)
Number of Years in NAPLA: 7
Dr. Heather Frederick has been an Associate Professor of Political Science at Slippery Rock University, a public, four-year institution with 9500 students, for 13 years.  She teaches the law classes in the political science department and structures them each differently to provide students with various skills that would help them succeed in law school.  She is the SRU Prelaw Program Coordinator, a position she has held for over six years, advising any prelaw student on campus regardless of major.  Dr. Frederick also advises the student organization, Law Society, and advises and coaches SRU's debate team.

Steven Lichtman (Shippensburg University)
Number of Years in NAPLA: 12
Steven Lichtman is Associate Professor of Political Science and Pre-Law Advisor at Shippensburg University, where he has worked since 2006.  Prior to his academic career, Steven was an attorney in New York City for two years.  He served as NAPLA’s interim Treasurer in 2012-2013, and also served on the planning committee for the 2017 conference in Pittsburgh.  He is also the Executive Director of the New England Political Science Association, with the primary responsibility of planning and running the Association’s annual conference, which he has done for the last five years.

Hillary Mantis (Fordham University)- Incumbent
Number of Years in NAPLA: 12
Hillary currently serves on the board. Hillary Mantis is the Director of the Pre-law Program at Fordham University. She was one of the Directors in the Career Services office at Fordham's Law School prior to that. Hillary is a contributing columnist to Pre-law Magazine and the National Jurist. She is the author of career books, including Alternative Careers For Lawyers. She is a graduate of Brown University and Boston College Law School. Hillary has been a member of NAPLA since 2006.

Anthony McGee (Bates College)
Number of Years in NAPLA: 4 months
Anthony advises and counsels students and alumni who are interested in attending law school and entering the legal profession. Also, he advises students who wish to pursue any type of graduate degree. Anthony has a broad legal experience as a practicing attorney serving as a lobbyist, public defender, prosecutor, and as a solo practitioner. While practicing law, Anthony taught at Morehouse College and served as the Interim Director and Pre-Law Advisor of the Pre-Law Program. He received his Juris Doctor from the City University of New York School of Law and his B.A. in political science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He is a former member of the Southern Association of Pre-Law Advisors (SAPLA)  executive board.

Ray Williams (Rutgers University)
Number of Years in NAPLA: 2
My institution is the most ethnically diverse university in the United States.   I worked on Wall Street  and in several commercial financial institutions, held  a state and federal clerkship, have taught for over 17 years, served with the president of the American Bar Association during president elect , president, and past president tenures, and served on several boards.  The combination of experiences and knowledge gained in  such diverse and my broad professional exposure would allow me bring a unique and global perspective to the  board.

Michelle Yingling (University of Pittsburgh)- Incumbent
Number of Years in NAPLA: 4
Michelle currently serves on the board. Michelle has been the sole pre-law advisor at the University of Pittsburgh since 2014. In that time, she has taken an active role within NAPLA. More specifically, she has presented at several conferences, served as a board member and has chaired the Communication and Strategic Initiatives Committee for the past 2 years. In this role, she assisted in the transition of the website to a new a platform. Additionally, she collaborated with other board members to plan the 2017 NAPLA Conference in Pittsburgh and the 2018 Conference in North Haven.

Sarah Rethage (Northeastern University School of Law)- Associate Member

Sarah Rethage is Assistant Dean of Admissions at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston.  She received her B.A. from the University of Virginia and her J.D. from UC Hastings College of the Law. She has been in NAPLA for 14 years and has worked with NAPLA Board members with planning events for the 2017 and 2019 annual conference.  Sarah has also participated in admissions and financial aid panels for both NAPABA and LSAC and was previously a member of the LSAC Services & Programs (S&P) Committee.

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