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Conference Proposals

 The first day of the conference, Monday, June 18, will feature a training session for new Pre-law Advisors. There will be five tracks of panels with five sessions each, beginning the afternoon of Tuesday, June 19 and ending Thursday, June 21. For more information, see below.

We are no longer accepting presentation proposals for the 2018 Conference.

The New Pre-law Advisor Training track will take place on Monday, June 18 from 2:00 until 5:45 pm, and on Tuesday, June 19, from 8:45-11:15 am. This track is directed at attendees who have little experience with prelaw advising and will cover basic information necessary to effectively advisee students who are contemplating careers in the law. Among the topics that will be covered are: background information on the LSAT (and now GRE), timeline of the application process, deciding where and when to apply, components of law school applications, letters of recommendation, financial aid, and deciding where to matriculate. The Track Coordinator is Victoria Turco, who can be reached at

The other five tracks will be held during the main part of the conference, between Tuesday and Thursday, June 18-20.

Last year, NAPLA introduced the Prelaw Pedagogy track to assist teachers of prelaw students better understand the skills, knowledge, and practices essential for success in law school and the legal profession. This track aims to bring together undergraduate and law school faculty to discuss issues such as how specific subjects are taught at both levels (e.g. constitutional law, legal process/civil procedure), what assignments can best promote skill development, and what specific skills are most helpful in mastering law school and becoming a good lawyer. The Track Coordinator is Prof. Tom Rozinski, who can be reached at

NAPLA is also continuing its Prelaw Programming Track. The mission of this track is to promote diverse and creative programming that provides students with a holistic understanding of legal education and the legal profession, as well as opportunities for self-reflection and personal development. Among the topics that will be considered for panels are how to encourage law schools to visit, running a law fair, facilitating LSAT study with outside providers, creating a prelaw club or fraternity, and running other events for prelaw students. The Track Coordinator is Greg Shaffer, who can be reached at

A third continuing track is Career Planning. The goal of this track is to make pre-law advisors aware of the skills and preparation necessary for a legal career to (1) advise students as they determine whether a legal career is an appropriate choice and (2) help guide advisees to take control of their career development. The content of the track will focus on the ARC of career planning—Assessment of skills, Reality of practice, Career exploration. The Track Coordinator is Rita Callahan Ralston, who can be reached at

Finally, NAPLA is also continuing a track on the Nuts and Bolts of Prelaw Advising. This is an advanced version that builds on the information presented in the new Prelaw Advisor Training. This year’s theme is “What you don’t know you didn’t know.” The track is open to all aspects of the prelaw advising process that are not covered by the other tracks. The Track Coordinator is Lauren Dropkin, who can be reached at

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