Resources for Law School Applicants

The Law School Admissions Council is an association of law schools that administers the testing, application, and admissions process to law schools across the country. is where you will register for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and where you will complete your online application to law schools.  You can also research particular law schools through this site.

NALP is a professional association for legal career professionals.  They’ve got a great pre-law portal including information on what lawyers do, and how to evaluate whether it is a promising career path for you.

Equal Justice Works is a site for those committed to doing public interest law.  Because public interest law typically is low-paying work, they’ve got great information about what to consider before incurring debt to go to law school, and how you can pay it off while having a career in public service.

CLEO is a great organization for students from underrepresented minority groups, and socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds, to help support your law school preparation and ambitions.

The AccessLex Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving access, affordability, and value of legal education.They have extensive student loan and financial literacy resources built specifically for aspiring and current law students – and their trusted advisors. is another financial aid site that includes calculators, scholarship searches, and general loan information.

SmartScholar is a site that includes articles and guides on the most important topics within financial aid and scholarships.  The drive of this site is to easily allow students to effectively find and apply for scholarship funds they can readily win.

preLaw Magazine is part of The National Jurist which has been the leading voice in legal education since 1991. During that time, almost 1 million law students have relied on The National Jurist for unbiased, accurate and fair coverage of law schools, law students and the legal profession.

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